Grounds Kent Arsitek Indonesia, GKAI, was founded in 1993 by Martin Grounds and Jack Kent after completing the celebrated Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay, which was recognised as the number one resort on the Condé Nast Traveler Top 100 List 1999. 

Now 21 years on, with a practice in Bali and a sister studio, GKA, in Perth, Australia, the company has established an international reputation for excellence in the planning and design of villa-style resorts and hotels, having culturally unique properties in countries such as Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Barbados, Maldives, Fiji, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Morocco. Projects have and will always have an emphasis on the use of local natural materials, culturally appropriate design and an empathy with topography and environment.

“Ultimately we believe that wherever possible architecture should involve and reflect local conditions, materials and traditions. Each project should reflect the sense of place unique to its location.” - Martin Grounds

Today, overseeing all of the company's projects within Indonesia, Martin takes the lead in directing a dedicated and talented staff team in the GKAI Bali-based studio.